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New Heat and Chemical Resistant Teflex NP

The latest product released by BFM® will revolutionize processing for customers who operate with challenging conditions, such as high heat or harsh chemicals.

Teflex NP (‘non-permeable’) is made from a pure PTFE laminate and can operate continuously at 300°C (572°F) with short term surges up to 316°C (600°F).

Teflex NP can also be used on products across the full pH scale as caustic and acid products will not affect PTFE. 

BFM® Global’s CEO and product inventor Blair McPheat said “Our customers across a wide range of industries have been crying out for a non-permeable, flexible connector option that can handle these kind of extreme conditions.”

“It took a lot of development to perfect this product, and we’re excited to finally be able to provide a new solution for these challenging processes.”

The new Teflex NP product is also extremely good at dissipating electro-static charge, with a surface resistivity of 106 ohms.  

“That provides an added level of reassurance for plant managers in terms of reducing the risk of static build-up within their processing equipment” said Mr McPheat.

Because it’s made from pure PTFE, the new Teflex NP is also food-grade and is compliant to FDA and EU regulations.


Download a copy of the Teflex NP spec sheet here.

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