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New Flexi-Earthed Provides Superior ATEX Rating

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BFM® have released an extension of their existing Flexi connector that will provide an additional level of ATEX safety.

The ‘Flexi-Earthed’ connector has both ends of the wire flexi-coil that supports the connector attached to external terminal lugs (shown in inset above), to allow earthing cables to be directly connected.

This design ensures a direct outlet for any potential static build-up within the connector itself and has been approved by IBExU as an enhancement of the ATEX rating of a standard BFM® Flexi Connector.  

In fact, the Flexi-Earthed option is rated up to 1m longer than Seeflex 040AS for free-fall transport in Dust Ex Zones (to 3m).

BFM® Global’s CEO and product inventor Blair McPheat said “This new option will provide peace of mind for customers who are particularly concerned about the possibility of static build-up in their processes”.  

The ability to effectively connect earthing cables directly to the connector walls provides superior static dissipation, said Mr McPheat. 

“In fact, the IBExU have confirmed that if both ends of the flex-coil are earthed correctly, the Flexi-Earthed connector provides the best ATEX rating of any BFM® product.”

Download the Flexi-Earthed Spec Sheet here.

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