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Blanking Caps & Socks:  The Sealing Solution...with a View!

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What do you do when you have pipes and inlets to your equipment that you aren't currently using ... but don't want contaminants getting into your lines?

Or if you're about to run a CIP through your equipment but need to keep your final packing area clean & dry?

You could try the old 'plastic & tape' method, or perhaps use a bolted on cover, both of which are time consuming to install and remove when you want to get production up & running again.

The smart alternative, is to install a BFM® fitting Blanking Cap (below left) that is simply snapped in and out of a BFM® spigot in a matter of seconds.  Our blanking caps are strong, withstanding a substantial amount of pressure (see our testing video - below right)

They're regularly used on silos, sifters and dryers amongst other things - and will keep both your equipment and your environment clean & dry.

Here are some other popular uses for our BFM® fitting Blanking Caps, and our longer version, the Blanking Sock (or Bin...or Bucket!):

As inspection windows..

BFM® Blanking Caps are being used increasingly by our customers around the world as inspection windows, especially on sifters. 


It's an ideal alternative to inspection hatches that you need to open to see inside (above left) as you can have constant visibility with a transparent BFM® Blanking Cap (above right).   

You can comfortably leave the Blanking Cap in place during operations for most equipment, so they're ideal for use on sifters, and can be snapped in and out as required in an instant

As container lids...


A number of companies are also using BFM® fitting Blanking Caps on their containers.

By putting a BFM® spigot on the inlet of the container (like the one shown left), a BFM® fitting connector can be used during filling, keeping the the area and container hygienic, preventing any spillage.

Then when filling is complete, a BFM® fitting Blanking Cap can easily be snapped in, sealing the container perfectly. 

As a sifter 'overs' bin...

The longer version of our Blanking Cap is known as a Blanking Sock (...or bin...or bucket!) and it's used by a wide variety of industries as a sifter 'overs' bin.  It's important for plant operators to be able to see and inspect their overage coming off a sifter, and a clear sock like the BFM® fitting means you can easily monitor the contents.

Once a BFM® spigot is connected to your outlet, the Blanking Sock is simply snapped into place and you have a fully-sealed collection bin that is secure and fast and easy to empty.  It can be also be lined with a plastic bag and snapped in place...making removal and disposal of the contents even celaner!

Before BFM®: a plastic bag attached with difficult-to-remove hose clips and prone to leakage/mess. After BFM®: the easy snap-fit of the BFM® Blanking Sock/Bin into the spigot means emptying and replacing the bin is fast and simple.  

You can download the Blanking Cap/Sock specifications sheet here.

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