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Mineral Industry

Less Downtime

"Our old canvas weigh hopper connectors used to block regularly which meant we had to stop production while we sorted it out. BFM® has totally solved the problem and we have had no lost production ever since we started using them. The factory is also much safer and cleaner."

Factory Manager,
UK Concrete Products Manufacturer

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Longer Lifespan

"Plaster is very fine and gets everywhere. It’s difficult to contain, particularly when your connecting sleeve has holes in it! The BFM® connector seals inside the spigot so it can’t chafe on the sharp edges . It lasts for longer and best of all it doesn’t leak any dust.”

Works Engineer,
UK Plaster Manufacturer

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Perfect seal

“We are very pleased with the outcome of fitting the BFM® connectors to the sieving machine. It (the BFM® fitting) provides perfect sealing which is important for a safe and hygienic working environment and of course, we have found it very user friendly to fit.”

Pulver Kimya, Plant Engineer

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The abrasive, corrosive nature of materials within the Mineral Industry makes for a challenging production environment. Product aggregation, connector blow-outs, tearing and leakage can all lead to increased downtime and loss of productivity. 

The BFM® fitting system is the perfect solution:

Improved hygiene Improved hygiene: Flexible connector blow-outs and leakage are eliminated because flexible BFM® connectors seal from the inside, providing a much cleaner production environment.
Health & Safety Health & Safety: Simple snap-fit installation means no need for tools to change-over, ensuring a much safer environment for staff.
Explosion resistant Explosion resistant: Flexible BFM® connectors seal tighter under pressure. Fully tested and ATEX certified to be used in potentially explosive dust areas, ensuring H&S compliance.
reduced downtime Reduced downtime: Eliminating blow-outs and leakage means less need for mainenance. When required, the simple, flexible, snap-fit system creates significant time savings in terms of cleaning and change-overs.
Standardisation: The variety of connectors and materials can be drastically reduced meaning easier stock control and supply.
easy installation Easy installation: The simplicity and standardization of our distinctive snap-fit BFM® blue band connector means they are fast and simple for all staff to replace.


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