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Installation Guides

Fitting Seeflex 060ES

The firmer, thicker 060ES material can take a few 'snaps' to fit perfectly

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Installing Connectors

The patented BFM® fitting system allows you to snap-fit in a connector in seconds.

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Measuring for Connectors

Learn the key basics to measuring your installation space for the right BFM® fitting.

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Installing Large Connectors

There's a knack to installing larger diameter BFM connectors - here's a quick tip on how to do it!

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Installing Kevlar Covers

Kevlar Covers fit over our Seeflex connectors for added protection in explosive situations.

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Installing Tool Release

The TR (Tool Release) connectors have a much firmer snap band but are still easy to install.

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Welding Spigots

Preparing your BFM® spigots for installation to ensure the perfect Installation Gap.

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BFM® connectors are so easy to install.

Once your spigots are installed with the correct Installation Gap (IG), installing a BFM® connector is easy. In fact it's so easy, you can replace the connectors using just your hands in less than 30 seconds, significantly reducing your downtime and increasing production efficiency.

The standard BFM® connector is also tool-free, which means it is much simpler, faster and safer to replace than traditional clamp and hose connections.  

With the custom made spigots holding the connector cuffs firmly in the exact position, you're guaranteed a perfect fit each time.  There's no chance of it being too long or short, or leaking because of a slightly wrong installation.

Tool Release (TR) option.

If you need to significantly reduce the risk of staff putting their hands near potentially dangerous parts of your machinery, we also have our 'TR' or 'Tool Release' connectors.  These have a much firmer snap-band making them virtually impossible to remove manually.  It is, however, straightforward to remove TR connectors using a specially designed Tool Release tool that is inserted into a hole drilled into the spigot to release the cuff pressure.

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