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Getting the Perfect Fit

Watch the video above - highly recommended

It’s simple to optimise the installation and performance of your BFM® fitting system, with a little preparation.

These 6 steps will guide you through the process:

  1. Identify the connection type:
    • Static inline
    • Static offset
    • Vibrating
    • Oscillating
  2. Measure the total space available between the machines.
  3. Measure the diameter on all machines.
  4. Measure all connections: the total space and diameters on all machines.
  5. Align offsets where possible:
    • Angled pipe connections should be straightened to maintain the integrity of the BFM® connector.
    • Offset pipe connections should be aligned to maintain the integrity of the BFM® connector.
    • Where alignment isn't possible, due to space constraints offset measurements should be taken.
  6. Measure offset & movement:
    • Perform the measurement at machine startup and shutdown to record maximum movement (use slow-motion video).
    • Measure maximum movement in one direction from fixed point.

Contact your local distributor who will then calculate your optimum BFM® fitting system.


For more information and advice on fitting your BFM® connectors, contact your BFM® Distributor.


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