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Getting the Perfect Fit

5 Steps to Get the Perfect Fit for your BFM® Fitting System

  1.  Identify the connection type:
    • Static inline
    • Static offset
    • Vibrating
    • Oscillating
  2.  Measure the total space available between the two points to be connected.
  3.  Measure the diameter on all connection points.
  4.  Align any offsets/straighten any angles where possible to maintain the integrity of the BFM® connector.
    • Where alignment isn't possible, due to space constraints, offset measurements should be taken.
  5.  Measure any offsets or movement:
    • Perform the measurement at machine start-up and shutdown to record maximum movement (use slow-motion video).
    • Measure maximum movement/offset in one direction from a fixed point.





Once you've got your measurements, download the BFM® Calculator to identify the perfect fit


Easy Connector Installation

  • Spigot installation
  • Fitting a connector
  • Spotting common fitting problems
  • Removing a connector
  • Using a TR Tool
  • Fitting a Kevlar Cover


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