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Flow Correction

Some powders can be hugely aggressive when flowing through the BFM® fitting causing excessive wear and tear. There are also many instances where the flow of powder is entering the BFM® fitting from an angle, causing abrasion to the wall of the BFM® connector.

To avoid this problem, the best way is to redirect the flow of the product slightly, often with a ‘flow correction ring’ to avoid direct contact with the connector walls as much as possible.  

There are three standard methods of achieving flow correction as outlined below:

Method 1: Larger diameter BFM® spigot vs pipe

Make the diameter of the BFM® spigot at the point of inlet larger than the pipe feeding the product in so that it falls through without making contact with the sides of the connector.  

This method is particularly suited to low-velocity/gravity-fed product flows.


Method 2: Flow ring extends inside connector

Insert a flow correction ring that extends past the cuff of the connector to ensure minimal wall contact by the product. Suited to low-velocity/gravity-fed product flow.

Important: you will need to ensure that the gap between the flow correction ring and the edge of the spigot cuff (dimension ‘A’ shown below) is big enough to allow for connector replacement.

Method 3: Flow ring finishes before spigot cuff

Inserting a flow-correction ring on the inside of the inlet BFM® spigot that ends before the cuff will help direct the powder flow inwards and away from the wall of the connector.

This is suitable for any diameter spigot and doesn’t impact on connector replacement.  Ideal for high-velocity flow.


Flow correction in action

The video below shows how a flow correction ring (using method 2 above) ensures the product - in this case coffee beans - is kept away from the walls of the connector:


Help with flow correction

The ideal solution for flow correction depends on a number of factors, including connector length and diameter, the product being transported, flow rate and production/cleaning cycles amongst other things.

Please contact BFM® or your local Distributor to discuss the best solution for your specific application and requirements.

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