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Certification & Compliance

BFM® fitting products have been independently tested and conform with the leading internationally recognised health and safety legislation.  We understand the need for factory safety and compliance and enjoy testing the boundaries of products to solve factory problems. 

We pride ourselves in meeting global certifications across food safety, explosion and materials, making us the product of choice across the globe. We have a wide variety of products that conform to important global standards such as 3A, USDA, FDA, EC & ATEX. 


BFM® fitting is also thrilled to have passed the stringent verification processes of global manufacturing giants Nestlé, Unilever and Mondelēz to be approved throughout their plant network as fully certified products.


The table below summarises the key certifications in place for our most popular Seeflex range of products. Many of our other products also conform to these important global standards - see the documents adjacent for a selection of these certifications. 

If you would like to discuss your unique application, please contact us and we'll help find a solution for you.

Category   Certificate / Report
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Issued By: For: Country/


Seeflex 020E Seeflex 040E Seeflex 040AS
Explosion BFM® ATEX Declaration of Compliance BFM® Global Ltd Use of BFM® fitting in potentially explosive environments. EU
Explosion ATEX (IBExU Report) Seeflex 020E & Longer Lengths IBExU Institute, Germany The use of Seeflex 020E and other longer length connectors in potentially explosive areas. EU
Explosion ATEX (IBExU Report) Seeflex 040AS IBExU Institute, Germany Electrostatic properties and use in potentially explosive areas. EU    
Explosion ATEX (IBExU Report) Seeflex 040E IBExU Institute, Germany The use of Seeflex 040E in potentially explosive areas. EU    
Explosion & Food Safety   Third Party Declaration Harold Wainess & Associates Inc. Independent review of compliance testing for EU, 3A and Atex regulations. ALL    
Explosion & Food Safety   Seeflex Regulations (Summary) BFM Global Ltd Description of key relevant regulations applicable to Seeflex material (EC, FDA, USDA, 3A) ALL  
Food Safety 3A Certificaton 20-27 (Multiple Use Plastic Materials) 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc, USA Plastic used in Seeflex connectors as sanitary for use in food manufacturing. USA
Food Safety 3A Certificaton 63-04 (Sanitary Fittings) 3-A Sanitary Standards Inc, USA BFM® fitting connector & spigot as sanitary for use in food manufacturing. USA
Food Safety USDA Equipment Acceptance Certificate USDA Confirmation of acceptance of Seeflex for use in dairy processing applications. USA
Food Safety   Letter of No Objection Health Canada Approval for the use of Seeflex 040E for use in food contact applications. CANADA    
Food Safety Declaration of Compliance with EU Regulations 1935/2004 and 10/2011 BFM® Global Ltd Confirming compliance with EU Regulations regarding plastic materials and articles to come into contact with food. EU
Food Safety Safety Declaration Seeflex Material BFM® Global Ltd Declaration regarding safety of Seeflex Material (eg. No Oleamides, Phthalates used in manufacturing, BSE/TSE etc.) ALL
Food Safety Confirmation of Halal Certification Approval Halal Conformity Services (HCS) Halal approval for BFM®'s products under non-food Products: synthetic Category K (Industrial Equipment) ALL
Food Safety   Kosher Compliance Certificate (Certificate of Kashrut) Kosher Kiwi Licensing Authority NZ Approved as 100% synthetic and Kosher all year round including for Passover ALL
Materials   Certificate of Compliance: Spigots Ra BFM® Global Ltd Declaration of Ra (average roughness) of BFM® Stainless Steel Spigots ALL N/A N/A N/A

Disclaimer: BFM® Global makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, except that goods sold shall be of merchantable quality, free of manufacturing defect, and the buyer assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of the goods, whether used singly or in combination with other products.

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