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Blanking Sock

Seeflex blanking sock/bin

Blanking socks are ideal for sifter oversize collection bins are another ideal application for the BFM® concept.

Transparent for monitoring fill level and reject consistency, they can also be lined with plastic bags for easy disposal of reject product.



Download the Blanking Sock Product Spec Sheet

Physical Properties

Surface Finish Gloss/Gloss
Hardness (Shore A) 90
Wall Thickness 0.9 mm / 1/32 inch
Tensile Strength (MPa) 40
Operating Temp Range -25 to 110 ̊C / -13 to 230 ̊F
Max. Surge Temp 120 ̊C / 248 ̊F
Air Permeability 0
Available Diameters From 100mm / 4" up to 1,650mm / 65"

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