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Black Out Cover

Black Out Cover

The Black Out Cover is used in light-sensitive applications to cut out light.  Made from a polypropylene fibre that meets FDA requirements for textiles used in the processing of foods.

Complies with:

FDA CFR21, part 177.1520.

Key features/use:

  • The cover cuts out all light and is for use in light sensitive areas
  • Designed to fit over existing BFM® connectors
  • Easy to install and no tools are required

Available Sizes:

Diameters: Ø100mm (4"), Ø125mm (5"), Ø150mm (6") through to Ø1,650mm (65") in 50mm (2") increments

Lengths:  80mm (3"), 100mm (4") then in 50mm (2") increments up to 1,000mm (39½")

NB: Some length restrictions apply for connectors over Ø650mm and diameter/length restrictions apply for those with Tool Release options. Refer to the Quick Reference Limitations Summary for more information.


Download Black Out Cover Product Spec Sheet

Physical Properties

Fibre Polypropylene
Colour Black
Construction Multi-filament plain weave, calendered
Weight 207 g/m2 / 6.1 oz/yd2
Operating Temp Range -70 – 95°C / -94 – 203°F
Max Surge Temp 100°C / 212°F (NB: Limited to max. operating temp of inner connector)

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