If you look up ‘spigot’ in a dictionary, you’ll find at least seven different definitions – from ‘a regulator for controlling the flow of a liquid from a reservoir’ to ‘a plug for a bunghole in a cask’ - so it’s perhaps not surprising that there are many variations on what people imagine a ‘spigot’ is.  

When talking about manufacturing process design, one of the key definitions of a spigot is ‘a plain end of a pipe entering an enlargement of another (a ‘socket’ or ‘faucet’) as a means of forming a joint.’

BFM® Spigot - Transparent BackgroundWhat is a BFM® fitting Spigot?

Broadly speaking, the definition above does describe the purpose of BFM® fitting spigots – they essentially form a joint between a process line’s pipes and pieces of equipment to enable a flexible connector to be fitted in between.

 However, in reality, BFM® spigots are much more than a simple pipe adapter – they are precisely manufactured products that are an essential part of the patented BFM® fitting flexible connection system.

BFM® fitting Spigots are Precision-formed Steel Adapters

Precision-formed BFM® spigots steel adapters that are welded onto an inlet and outlet in a process line to enable a snap-fit BFM® fitting flexible connector to be installed in between them.  

A BFM® spigot is slightly tapered at one end to allow easy welding to pipes and equipment, and at the other end, there are two ridges that match the corresponding BFM® blue-band flexible connector‘s cuff.

Installing the BFM® systemOnce welded in place with the correct Installation Gap between the two spigots, a blue-band BFM® fitting connector can be snapped into place in seconds, with the two cuff ridges nestling perfectly inside the spigot ridges.  

The outward pressure of the metal snap band inside the connector cuff keeps it in place without the need for any kind of clamps.  This precision fit ensures a 100% sealed flexible connection, even when under pressure or with movement, such as on a sifter.

The unique BFM® fitting flexible connector system is used in thousands of factories around the world to join pipes and equipment together to provide much cleaner, safer and more efficient manufacturing processes.

The BFM® Spigot Basics

Here's a quick "everything you need to know" about BFM® fitting spigots:

•    Available in Stainless Steel T304L and T316L (C22 Hastelloy on request)
•    Available in diameters from Ø100mm through to Ø1,650mm in 50mm increments (including a Ø125mm diameter)
•    Wall Thickness for all diameters is 2.0mm / 5/64" (+/- 10%)
•    Total length is 89mm (31/2"), made up of a head of 37mm (129/64") and a 'tail' that is 52mm (2”) long
•    Tail section is slightly tapered, so the OD (outer diameter) at the top of the tail is 5mm / 13/64” greater than the base
•    The tail can be easily cut down or cut on an angle to suit your existing tubing or pipework. 
•    The surface finish of the BFM® spigots is ≤ 0.8Ra micro-metres (32Ra micro-inches)

How Do You Install BFM® fitting Spigots?IG Calculator Screen Shot Installation Gap

In order to get the best out of your BFM® fitting system, your spigots need to be welded to your inlet and outlet with the correct space left between them ready for the connector to fit into – this space is called the Installation Gap (IG).  

To help work out the correct Installation Gap, BFM® fitting has developed an easy-to-use calculator that is available online or as a downloadable app.  You will be able to work out whether you should adjust your pipes and/or the spigot tail length to fit different connector sizes according to your available space and any movement involved.  

BFM ®fitting has experienced Authorized Distributors who can also assist with advising on the correct installation gap recommendations.

BFM lipped spigot and Jacob clamp & tubeLipped Spigot Option Available For Modular Piping Integration

If you use modular piping systems, such as JACOB quick-release clamped tubing, there is also a range of BFM® fitting spigots available with a pre-rolled lip for use in these systems.  

The 6mm lip that is formed from the base of the spigot enables the Lipped Spigot to be attached to modular pipework in minutes.  This makes it even faster and easier to incorporate the BFM® fitting system into a process line without the need for welding.

Once installed correctly, your BFM® fitting connectors will provide 100% sealed performance and be fast and easy to change in seconds – with no manual adjustments required!  

Find out more about installing a BFM® fitting system and getting the perfect fit.

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