"How long will BFM® fitting connectors last?" is a commonly asked question, yet it's not a simple one to answer—there are so many variables that can affect the service life and performance of any flexible connector.

Join our Technical Lead, Matthew Bailey, as he explains the key factors to consider when purchasing flexible connectors for your process lines to ensure the maximum possible life.

In this video, Matthew covers the following:   

  • What factors will affect the life of your flexible connector?
  • Ways to increase the life of your connector
  • Reducing abrasion using flow control

You might also like to check out our Durability page, which delves into these factors in more detail.

We're confident that, once installed correctly, BFM® fitting flexible connectors will last much longer than standard clamp-style connectors.  

If you have further questions about optimizing BFM® fitting connectors for your specific application and ways to ensure maximum connector life, contact your local authorised BFM® fitting Distributor for assistance.

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