The Corner Connector  is a uniquely shaped snap-fit flexible connector made from BFM®’s strong Seeflex 040E or 060ES materials.  It features a tapered infeed end, 110º angled ‘corner’ bend and a straight drain output end.

It is designed to redirect the CIP wash fluid out of the process equipment at the end of the CIP cycle, helping to ensure the rest of the plant stays dry and product is free from chemicals used in the cleaning process. The product was created in response to requests from systems integrators who were designing new process lines and wanted a more cost-effective way to drain Clean-In-Place (CIP) wash water than expensive steel swivel tundish-type setups.  

Another potential application for the uniquely shaped flexible Corner Connector is under vibratory machines like sifters and sieves to connect directly to another process on a lower level.

BFM® Corner Connectors are all custom-made to the specific installation requirements, with the inlet and outlet diameters and connector lengths being variable (within certain manufacturing limits).

In this brief product overview, our Technical Expert, Matthew Bailey covers the key features and benefits of this innovative product:



If you need further technical information, please read the release article here, check out the individual Corner Connector product pages or contact your local Distributor:


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