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What is a BFM® fitting?

The BFM® fitting is a revolutionary and distinctive snap-in, flexible connector and spigot that eliminates the problems associated with traditional hose clamp systems.

A BFM® fitting generally fits between two pieces of machinery, either where a stationary machine connects to a moving one, or where access to product flow is needed. It comprises two steel spigots (or flanges) that are welded to your pipes and a snap-fit flexible blue-band connector that seats on the inside of the shaped portion of the two spigots, holding it securely in place. 

BFM®s patented blue band connectors provide superior performance:

  • 100% sealed, no mess, no leaks
  • Seals tighter under pressure
  • No product build-up means better hygiene
  • No tools required for fitting
  • Snap-in design makes installation easy
  • Standardised connector sizes mean you need to keep less stock

How BFM® started

How is BFM® fitting used?

The BFM® fitting is used in a wide variety of applications, especially those involving dry dust or powders, to supersede old hose-clamped systems:

  • Vibrating & oscillating sifters
  • Conveyors & Feeders
  • Fans
  • Baghouses
  • Silos & bin inlet & outlets
  • Cyclones
  • Blenders
  • Vibro tubes
  • Rotary valves

View the BFM® connector range, or contact your local Distributor for more information.

What are BFM® blue band connectors made from?

BFM® fitting manufactures a range of patented products available in a variety of materials:

Connectors with different materials

  • Clear ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy used for most applications - Seeflex 040E/020E
  • Semi-transparent, ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy with Anti-static infusion - Seeflex 040AS
  • Breathable Polypropylene for low-temperature installation - LM3
  • Breathable Polyester for higher-temperature installation - LM4
  • Breathable Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for very high temperatures, caustic or acid - Teflex
  • Non-permeable pure PTFE connector capable of running at both low and high temperatures, can be used across the full pH scale. static dissipative - Teflex NP Black
  • Non-permeable pure PTFE connector capable of running at both low and high temperatures, can be used across the full pH scale. insulative - Teflex NP Opaque
  • Kevlar flame retardant covers for over-pressure and potentially explosive applications
  • Polypropylene light-blocking Black Out covers for light-sensitive applications
  • End caps, blanking bins, bulk bag loaders and breather bags are also available

What sizes do they come in?

What sizes do they come in?

BFM® spigots and connectors are available in a variety of diameters in 50mm (2") increments, from 100mm (4") up to 1,650mm (65").

Most of our Seeflex range of connectors are available in lengths starting at 80mm (3"), then in 50mm (2") increments from 100mm (4") up to 6 metres (19ft 8").(Note: for other materials & larger diameters from 700mm (27.5") upwards, certain length restrictions apply).

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