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Measuring for Connectors

Learn the key basics to measuring your installation space for the right BFM® fitting.

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Installing Your BFM® system

Tips for making sure you install your spigots & connectors correctly.

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Easy Snap Fit

Fitting and removing a BFM® fitting connector takes seconds - watch how.

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BFM® Standard Sizes

See how standardising your plant with BFM® fitting will simplify your inventory.

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BFM® Under Pressure

Watch to see how BFM® fittings fit tighter under pressure - unlike traditional hoseclips!

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BFM® under Vacuum

The BFM® fitting works and seals perfectly in almost all negative pressure applications.

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BFM® & Oscillation

BFM® fittings are ideally suited for oscillating applications such as sifters.

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Explosion Safety Testing

Independent testing of BFM®'s products prove how effective they are at containing explosion pressures.

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Pressure Testing

Comparison of the superior performance of BFM® fittings vs traditional clamped connectors under pressure.

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Flow Correction In Action

See how a flow correction ring redirects the product flow away from the walls of the flexible connector.

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Vacuum BFM vs Hoseclip

See the superior performance under vacuum of a BFM® fitting vs traditional connectors.

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Bulk Bag Loader in Action

A fully sealed, inflatable Bulk Bag Loading head that makes hygienic bag filling a breeze.

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Bulk Bag Loader vs Clamps

See the inflatable BFM® Bulk Bag Loader perform vs a traditional clamped bag loader.

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Fitting Kevlar Covers

Kevlar Covers fit over our Seeflex connectors for added protection in explosive situations.

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Lining Blanking Socks

BFM® blanking socks can be easily lined with plastic bags to make disposal of sifter overs fast and easy!

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BFM® is ideal for use in CIP applications. Specifically marked wash sleeves can also be provided.

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Fitting Seeflex 060ES

The firmer, thicker 060ES material can take a few 'snaps' to fit perfectly

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Installing Large Connectors

There's a knack to installing larger diameter BFM connectors - here's a quick tip on how to do it!

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Installing Tool Release

The TR (Tool Release) connectors have a much firmer snap band but are still easy to install.

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Snap-fitting a BFM®

If your connector doesn't snap-fit first time, it's because the Seeflex cuff is sticking to the spigot. This is how you fix it...

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Welding Spigots

Preparing your BFM® spigots for installation to ensure the perfect Installation Gap.

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