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Flow Correction In Action
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See how a flow correction ring redirects the product flow away from the walls of the flexible connector.

Measuring for Connectors

Learn the key basics to measuring your installation space for the right BFM® fitting.

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Snap-fitting a BFM®

If your connector doesn't snap-fit first time, it's because the Seeflex cuff is sticking to the spigot. This is how you fix it...

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Vegetable Oil on BFM® Cuff

A little vegetable oil (or similar) on the cuff can help larger or slightly sticky 040AS connectors snap in to place easily.

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Fitting Seeflex 060ES

The firmer, thicker 060ES material can take a few 'snaps' to fit perfectly

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Explosion Test: Hoseclips

This is NOT A BFM®! How a standard hose clamped flexible connector FAILS to perform under pressure at 43.1 kPa.

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Installing Connectors

The patented BFM® fitting system allows you to snap-fit in a connector in seconds.

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BFM® Standard Sizes

See how standardising your plant with BFM® fitting will simplify your inventory.

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BFM® under Vacuum

The BFM® fitting works and seals perfectly in almost all negative pressure applications.

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Vacuum BFM vs Hoseclip

See the superior performance under vacuum of a BFM® fitting vs traditional connectors.

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BFM® Under Pressure

Watch to see how BFM® fittings fit tighter under pressure - unlike traditional hoseclips!

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Explosion Test: Teflex

BFM®'s Teflex connectors all passed on explosion pressures of over 58 kPa.

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Pressure Testing

Comparison of the superior performance of BFM® fittings vs traditional clamped connectors under pressure.

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Installing Kevlar Covers

Kevlar Covers fit over our Seeflex connectors for added protection in explosive situations.

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Installing Tool Release

The TR (Tool Release) connectors have a much firmer snap band but are still easy to install.

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BFM® & Oscillation

BFM® fittings are ideally suited for oscillating applications such as sifters.

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Explosion Test: Kevlar

BFM®'s Kevlar Covers have been tested to contain explosion pressures in excess of 90kPa.

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Explosion Test: LM4

The BFM® LM4 has been explosion tested to exceed pressures in excess of 60kPa

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Explosion Test: Seeflex

The BFM® Seeflex 040E connector has been independently explosion tested to exceed pressures in excess of 60kPa.

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Welding Spigots

Preparing your BFM® spigots for installation to ensure the perfect Installation Gap.

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