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For standard Seeflex 040E connectors from 700mm (27.5 inches) to 1,000mm (39.5 inches) in diameter, a maximum length of 500mm (20 inches) applies. For connectors from 1,050mm (41 inches) up to the maximum of 1,650mm (65 inches) in diameter, a maximum length of 200mm (8 inches) applies. Under certain circumstances (and depending on the application) there may be a possibility for a slightly longer length, however, this would need to be discussed with BFM®.  Refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary here for more information.

For a 150mm connector, the minimum distance is 75mm, for all other lengths, it's 100mm.  A 250mm connector can also have 2 rings that are 75mm in from the spigots (and therefore 100mm apart from each other).

Rings on longer lengths are recommended to be spaced evenly 100mm apart.

Seeflex 040E can be used with 5 PSI on a a standard connector length (up to 200mm Long). Above this we recommend using a SS Ring support ring or the Seeflex 040E with a Camlon outer layer. Please contact a BFM represetative for more information.

We have standard length (up to 200mm Long) Seelfex 040E/Camlon connectors running at 12 – 15psi continually with no problems. We would not suggest that you run them past a peak pressure of 30 psi. You should contact a BFM representative to discuss these applications.

The smallest gap you can have between the BFM® spigots is 65mm (2.5") for an 80mm (3") long BFM® connector. Note that this gap may not be suitable for frequently changed connectors or for those with more than just a slight vibratory movement. Please also take some time to read the fitting instructions for our BFM® spigots. BFM® spigots page. (Link)

All spigot sizes are 2mm thick.  Refer to the Guideline - Tapered Spigots for more information.

Yes - the maximum available diameter for a TR (Tool Release) connector is 650mm (25.5 inches).  Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary for more information.

This varies greatly – refer to the ‘BFM® Limitations: Pressure’ and ‘BFM® Limitations: Negative Pressure’ information sheets.

We have standard length (up to 200mm long) Seeflex 040E/Camlon connectors running at 12 - 15 psi continually with no problems. We would not suggest that you run them past a peak pressure of 30 psi.

Yes – there are two options for high temperatures: our Teflex NP (non-permeable) material can handle 300ºC / 572ºF, and surges of up to 316ºC / 600ºF.  Our other pure-Teflon material, Teflex, can handle 260ºC / 500ºF as an operating temperature (and surges up to 280ºC / 536 ºF). It is a permeable material but is woven quite tight.  

No – the maximum operating temperature is 85ºC (185ºF). The material used to make the Flexi connector is lighter and uses a different manufacture process to the 040E/020E. The metal rings also add temperature.

It is not recommended. It is preferable to reduce the IG to < 2m and use the Seeflex 040AS (antistatic).

No – BFM® spigots are only manufactured in 50mm (2 inch) increments. The best way to fit the spigot to the pipework is to taper or flange it to suit the standard sizes.

The air permeability quoted on our Spec Sheets is tested by the material manufacturer. It is the amount of air that will pass through the material at a given pressure. 125Pa (0.5 inch w.g) is a standard testing pressure. Whether a product will pass through depends on the product, is particulate size and the amount of pressure.

The BFM® fitting at longer lengths is more susceptible to pressure and vacuum. The larger diameter connectors also become less rigid in the spigot and there is a possibility that the large diameters with long lengths will cause problems by pulling out of the spigot.

No - all of our spigots are manufactured with the same thickness of steel - 2mm. The 100mm BFM® spigots are sized to fit standard tube which is measured externally, all other BFM® spigot diameters are measured internally to accommodate nominal bore standard pipe.

For these diameters, the minimum connector length is 150mm long. Refer to ‘BFM® Guidelines: Tapered Connectors’ information sheet for guidance.

1,650mm (65 inches) is the largest diameter, and 100mm (4 inches) is the smallest.

The maximum for stainless steel (SS) rings is 500mm (20 inches), for plastic rings we can do any diameter up to 1,000mm (39.5 inches).  Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary for more information.

The internal finish is ≤ 0.8Ra micro-metres (32Ra micro-inches).

The minimum length for a connector with a ring is 150mm. If it is any shorter, the ring stops you from being able to snap the connector into the spigot.

No – unfortunately we are unable to manufacture with rings on tapered connectors.

100mm (4"): 0.10 bar 150mm (6"): 0.07 bar 200mm (8"): 0.06 bar 250mm (10"): 0.06 bar 300mm (12"): 0.02 bar

1,000mm (39.5") is the longest we can manufacture a Seeflex 040AS connector with rings. This is a manufacturing limitation due to the nature of the 040AS material.  Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary here for more information.

The maximum length FM1 breather bags can be made to is 1 metre (3ft 3"), the smallest length is 100mm (4").

The upper limit we recommend for Seeflex 060ES is 1.3bar, although it has been tested well in excess of this. 

NB: This figure was from tests undertaken on a 250mm diameter connector 200mm long at ambient temperature.  Connector diameter, length and operating temperature will affect maximum operating pressures. Please refer to our 'Operating Pressure Guide' document.

Yes - the maximum connector length for Seeflex 060ES connectors is 1,000mm (39 1/2 inches).  For tapered connectors, the maximum length we recommend is 800mm - please contact us for any requirement over this as we may be able to help depending on the application. Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary here for more information.

Yes - you can order tapered Seeflex 060ES connectors up to 800mm (31 1/2 inches) in length. If you have a requirement for anything over this length in a taper, please contact us first as we may be able to help, but there are some manufacturing limitations on this material.

We have replaced our pressure-resistant Camlon product with our new Seeflex 060ES product as we believe it has superior performance.  

The minimum length for a Flexi-Earthed connector is 250mm (10").

For connector diameters of 300mm or less, the maximum length for tapered spigots is 800mm.  Please contact us to discuss any tapered connectors with diameters over 300mm. 

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