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Connector Sizes

BFM® spigots and connectors are available in a variety of set diameters in 50mm (2") increments, from 100mm (4") up to 1,650mm (65").

Most of our connectors are available in standard lengths starting at 80mm (3"), then in 50mm (2") increments from 100m (4") up to 6 metres (19ft 8").

(Note: for larger diameters from 700mm (27.5") upwards, certain length restrictions apply).


Please refer to the table below for a general guide to the available diameters and lengths relevant to each type of BFM® connector - contact your local Distributor if you have any further questions, or try our FAQ's:



Connectors (without rings)

Connectors with Rings


Minimum diameter

100mm (4”)  (then available at 125mm (5”) & 150mm (6”) and in 50mm (2”) increments)

100mm (4”)

100mm (4”) (then available at 125mm (5”) & 150mm (6”) and in 50mm (2”) increments up to 1.65m (65”)

Maximum diameter

300mm (12”) for Flexi 
650mm (251/2”) for TR 
1.65m (65”) for standard

500mm (20”)  for SS Rings
1.0m (391/2”) for Plastic Rings (consult factory)
1.65m (65”) 
(no custom sizes available)

Minimum Length

80mm (3”) (except as noted below)
100mm (4") FM1
200mm (8”) Flexi
350mm (14”) for fitting on a tumbler or gyratory screening machine

150mm (6”) 35mm (129/64”)
NOTE:  If tail is cut down, ensure there is a heat sink to prevent distorting the spigot when welding onto pipe.

Maximum Length

(From 100mm, connectors are available in 50mm (2”) increments up to:)

200mm (8”) Ø 1.05 - 1.65m (41-65”) 
500mm (20”) Ø 700mm - 1.00m (271/2-391/2”)
1.0m (391/2”) for FM1 & Blanking Bins/Socks
1.5m (59”) for LM3, LM4 & Teflex
6.0m (19ft 8”)
Ø>650mm (251/2”) for Seeflex

500mm (20”) Ø 550mm-1.00m (211/2-39”) 
1.0m (391/2”) for Seeflex 040AS (Ø>500mm (191/2”))
          (Plastic rings only)
4.5m (14ft 9”) Ø>500mm (191/2”)
87mm (327/64”) Total length
Head = 35mm (13/8”)
Tail = 52mm (23/64”)



The smallest installation gap a connector can be fitted into is 65mm (21/2”) (for an 80mm (3”) long connector).

Note:  This may not be suitable for frequently changed connectors or those with more than a small amount of vibratory movement.

Distance between spigot & rings:
150mm (6”) long  = 75mm (3“)
All other lengths = 100mm (4”)
Multiple rings = evenly spaced at min. 100mm (4”) apart (10 rings max).
Diameter (Ø) Measurements:
100mm (4”) Ø is measured to outside edge (OD) (to fit standard tube)
125mm (5”) Ø & over measured to inside edge (ID) (to fit standard pipe)
    All Ø 800mm (311/2”) & over have finger-loops as standard to aid installation from one side Only Seeflex 040E, Seeflex 040AS, LM3, LM4 and Teflex are supplied with rings (Seeflex 020E on request only). Wall Thickness: 
100mm (4”) Ø are 1.5mm (1/64”) thick
150mm (6”) Ø & up are 2mm (5/64”) thick
    Blanking caps and socks/bins available from 100mm (4") to 650mm (251/2") diameter Maximum number of rings: 10 Available in T304L SS and T316L SS, as well as C22 Hastelloy
      Tapered connectors cannot be made with rings Internal finish of the stainless steel is 0.8Ra micro-metres (32Ra micro-inches).

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