Is it possible to use the BFM® fitting system for products that aren't dry powders or granular-type materials?

The answer is yes and there are 'wet' processes all over the world successfully using BFM® fittings.  There are, of course, some things you need to be aware of when using BFM fittings for such processes, so we've asked our resident Tech Expert to just give a brief overview of the key points you should know.

Join our Technical Lead, Matthew Bailey, as he explains the key factors to consider when using BFM® fittings in conjunction with wet materials.

In this video, Matthew covers the following:   

  • Using BFM fittings for Clean-In-Place (CIP) applications
  • The difference between CIP and processing liquids
  • Key factors to consider for processing wet products

If you have further questions on using a BFM® system in conjunction with a wet product or process, contact your local authorised BFM® fitting Distributor for assistance.

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