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For standard Seeflex 040E connectors from 700mm (27.5 inches) to 1,000mm (39.5 inches) in diameter, a maximum length of 500mm (20 inches) applies. For connectors from 1,050mm (41 inches) up to the maximum of 1,650mm (65 inches) in diameter, a maximum length of 200mm (8 inches) applies. Under certain circumstances (and depending on the application) there may be a possibility for a slightly longer length, however, this would need to be discussed with BFM®.  Refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary here for more information.

BFM® fittings are available in many industry approved medias, and a whole range of sizes. Most of the BFM® standard range is 3A approved and conforms with FDA, EC and Atex regulations. The Seeflex 040E is used on a majority of applications, but there is also a light weight version and other application specific medias. The BFM® connector can also be manufactured with stainless steel rings, with tapers and many sizes to suit. Please ask a Distributor for more information on which connector will suit you. 

Yes – all of our standard connector material range is available as TR versions.

Yes - the maximum available diameter for a TR (Tool Release) connector is 650mm (25.5 inches).  Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary for more information.

Seeflex 040E is very strong and has been used with sugar, crystallized lactose, aggregates etc. Installing with an internal flow correction system is an additional way to further improve the system and avoid undue abrasion.

Yes, although the BFM® fitting is designed to provide a 100% seal on powder applications, we do not make this statement with liquid. The Seeflex 040E works very well and is used in a number of applications, although there may also be the occasional very small leak (drips). The composition of the liquid would also need to be checked to ensure compatibility with Seeflex.

The FDA do not actually specifically certify products unless manufactured and exported from the US. We are, however, FDA compliant – it is not possible to get 3A certification without FDA compliance. In essence, the FDA is a reference organisation that stipulates and classifies substances that are compliant for food and pharmaceutical use. Refer to this document for more information:

When installing the BFM® fitting you need to weld the spigots in place so that the correct Installation Gap (IG) is created for your connector length. The connector length will then depend on how much space is available for the installation, what length needs to be covered, and if there is movement. The tails of the BFM® spigot can be cut back by up to 40mm which allows flexibility to create the correct IG when installing the fittings. In most applications the best connector length is to pick a standard (stocked) item, 100mm – 200mm Long. If there is movement (such as a sifter) or an offset installation, having a longer connector is always preferable – as a rule the connector should be no less than 1.5x the diameter in these applications. The IG will need to be adjusted to allow for the movement with offset and oscillating installations, and a calculator is available to help size the IG correctly– contact BFM® for more information.  You can also check out 'Getting the Perfect Fit'.

The air permeability quoted on our Spec Sheets is tested by the material manufacturer. It is the amount of air that will pass through the material at a given pressure. 125Pa (0.5 inch w.g) is a standard testing pressure. Whether a product will pass through depends on the product, is particulate size and the amount of pressure.

No, it is not possible to manufacture a BFM® fitting using silicon etc.

The BFM® fitting at longer lengths is more susceptible to pressure and vacuum. The larger diameter connectors also become less rigid in the spigot and there is a possibility that the large diameters with long lengths will cause problems by pulling out of the spigot.

For these diameters, the minimum connector length is 150mm long. Refer to ‘BFM® Guidelines: Tapered Connectors’ information sheet for guidance.

1,650mm (65 inches) is the largest diameter, and 100mm (4 inches) is the smallest.

The maximum for stainless steel (SS) rings is 500mm (20 inches), for plastic rings we can do any diameter up to 1,000mm (39.5 inches).  Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary for more information.

Yes - these loops are designed to aid installation from one side.

Seeflex 040E, Seeflex 040AS, LM4, LM3, Teflex and Teflex NP can all be supplied with rings - but the maximum diameter for SS rings is 500mm or 1,000mm for plastic rings (and provided they are not TR (Tool Release) versions).  Seeflex 020E may be supplied on request, but Seeflex 060ES, Kevlar covers and Blackout Covers, cannot be supplied with rings. We also cannot make tapered connectors with rings. Please refer to our 'Quick Ref Limitations Summary' for more information.

Yes - the maximum connector length for Seeflex 060ES connectors is 1,000mm (39 1/2 inches).  For tapered connectors, the maximum length we recommend is 800mm - please contact us for any requirement over this as we may be able to help depending on the application. Please refer to our Quick Ref. Limitations Summary here for more information.

Yes - you can order tapered Seeflex 060ES connectors up to 800mm (31 1/2 inches) in length. If you have a requirement for anything over this length in a taper, please contact us first as we may be able to help, but there are some manufacturing limitations on this material.

The minimum length for a Flexi-Earthed connector is 250mm (10").

The minimum length for the Flexi and Flexi-Light connectors is 200mm (8").  The Flexi-Earthed connector has a slightly longer minimum length of 250mm (10").

For connector diameters of 300mm or less, the maximum length for tapered spigots is 800mm.  Please contact us to discuss any tapered connectors with diameters over 300mm. 

The minimum length is 250mm (10”), regardless of diameter. This is because there needs to be adequate room to have sufficient wire to give the flexibility and to attach the terminal lugs.

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