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There a number of reasons the Seeflex 040E could go yellow. It could be due to use with chemicals, oils, fats or exposure to UV light. In most of these situations this is purely staining of the media, and there is no loss of strength or integrity. Please contact one of our representatives if you have any concerns. If you are using with a CIP (clean in place) solution you simply need to ensure that you thoroughly wash all the chemicals off the BFM spigot and connector before you start up again. If there is any caustic or acid left sitting on the cuff area, it will go yellow over time.

Whilst there is potential for CIP chemical to get into the internal gap during CIP, the BFM® fitting is still far superior to any other type of connector in this situation. We always recommend the BFM® connector is removed and wiped clean after the CIP process to ensure no residual chemicals.

Yes – both CIP and manual washing is possible. Refer to the washing guidelines for Seeflex and Woven connectors.

Although you can wash the FM1 Breather Bags, it is not recommended.  The media has a dust release surface which helps keep it efficient and aids dust release - washing this will deterioate it making it less effective each time it is washed.  The best method is to blow an airgun through (in reverse and not too close), use a vacuum or shake/brush any dust from the breather bag.

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