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BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System

Know when your connectors are removed!

Wherever you have a flexible connection in a live production system, if the connector is removed at any time, there is always a potential risk that hands can be placed near dangerous moving parts, such as rotary valves and rotating knives.  

Now you can have added peace of mind that you can monitor when a BFM® fitting is removed in these areas with the latest innovation developed by the team at BFM®: the Pneumatic Monitoring System.

It’s a simple-to-install system that comes in a box!

How does it work?

The system works by pumping pressurised air between the silicone cuff of the BFM® connector and the spigot.  

Air line sensors immediately detect if this outward pressure is released as the connector cuff begins to get pushed inwards anywhere around the connector when it is being removed, setting off an alarm and/or shutting off any moving parts below.

The control system can be arranged for multiple connectors to aid monitoring larger installations.

Counters visibly show when the seal is not correct and the system can also be used as a positional sensor to ensure all connectors in a large plant are installed correctly at all times.

Please note:  The Pneumatic Monitoring System is designed for use with BFM®'s Seeflex range of connectors.

How do we install the Pneumatic Monitoring System?

The BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System comes in a box with the spigot connections, the pressure switches (with t-junctions fittied), regulator and a small amount of airline pipe. 

To install the system, a small hole (no larger than 3mm in diameter) needs to be drilled in between the two ridges of each spigot. The spigot adaptors are then welded on and the system can be screwed in place and wired up to the appropriate control room system (NB: You will just need to supply the additional air-line pipe, t-junction and wiring to connect to your PLC). 

How can I purchase the BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System?

The BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System is sold as a package via our BFM® Distributors, and there are two different options available depending on your operational compliance requirements:

IP65 Rated

Atex Compliant

Suitable for most operating environments

Waterproof & dustproof

 II 3G Ex nA II T5 X 0°C ≤ Ta ≤ 50°C
                            II 3D tD A22 IP67 T53°C X

Recommended Retail Price:      US$290 / €250 Recommended Retail Price:      US$545 / €470
BFM® Part No: 10400 BFM® Part No:  10401


Download the BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System Brochure and BFM® Pneumatic Monitoring System Installation Guidelines.

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