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BFM® Global Wins Patent Infringement Action in China

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BFM® Global announced today that it has prevailed in a Chinese patent infringement action against two counterfeit product manufacturers in China.   

Proceedings were commenced by BFM® against two patent infringers, one in Guangzhou and the other in Suzhou, China.  It was recognised that BFM® had a strong case to litigate, and that their Chinese BFM® fitting patents were infringed by the two defendants.

The court supported BFM®’s robust patents, and ordered the defendants to never copy again. Directors and shareholders were made to sign personal undertakings to this effect with serious consequences, including prison terms, for reoffending. The defendants’ tooling, moulds, raw materials and finished products have been destroyed. 

Damages have been paid to BFM® by the defendants as compensation for the infringing acts.
Blair McPheat, BFM® Global’s Chief Executive, commented “BFM® Global works hard to bring innovation and high-quality products to market so we’re committed to fighting knock-off companies. Counterfeit products undermine the quality and reliability that our customers expect from the BFM® fitting and hurt business for our legitimate Distributors.”
“Fortunately, there are not many counterfeiters at all. We are very happy with this outcome and the fact that a precedent has now been set. Strong patent and registered design protection for our product will help us continue to send this message.”
 BFM® Global has seen international success with the BFM® fitting connector system, exporting to more than 40 countries around the world.
BFM®’s original patents, design patents and trademarks were established by intellectual property law specialists AJ Park, and BFM® were represented in China by WHD (Wan Hui Da). 


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