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Dairy Industry

Dairy plants are required to be of the highest sanitary standards, with a need for continual cleaning, such as CIP (Clean in Place). They are also environments that need to be free from dust, with the risk of dust explosions.

The BFM® fitting is the perfect solution. As well as offering a component that is more abrasion-resistant than traditional connectors, the BFM® connector is easily replaced (less downtime), easily cleaned, and 100% dust-tight (eliminating plant contamination).

Some of the benefits of BFM® Fitting system:

Improved hygiene Improved hygiene: There is no more dust leakage, eliminating cross-contamination of products and reducing general housekeeping costs.
Health & Safety Health & Safety: No tools needed to remove or install the lexible connector in difficult positions ensures a much safer change-over process.
Explosion resistant Explosion resistant: The elimination of dust combined with the antistatic properties of BFM® fitting helps to signiicantly reduce the risk of secondary explosions. 
reduced downtime Reduced downtime: More durable materials and fast, easy changeovers mean downtime is signiicantly reduced.
easy installation Easy installation: The quick and easy snap-fit of our BFM®  blue band connector means they are fast and simple for all staff to replace.



Hygiene Improved Dramatically Since BFM® Installation

A leading New Zealand dairy plant had a major challenge with hygiene in their blending filler room.

A vibratory discharging cone was connected to the hopper via a traditional connecting sock and steel clamps. There was excessive dust leakage and product build-up in the joins – a major hygiene issue.

Since installing the BFM® fitting system, the filling room operators are ecstatic about how their work environment is now dust-free and a “pleasure to work in”.

They no longer spend hours cleaning powder off the surfaces in the filling room or have to regularly remove the messy wire-clamps and socks from the machinery to remove the product build-up between the connectors.

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